Scarily fast. Boringly reliable. Surprisingly affordable.

You may be among the first businesses in the UK able to enjoy the game-changing benefits of super fast full fibre broad-er band. Ifs in multiple locations across your area now – it could be right on your doorstep!

So fast it’s scary

While your current broadband connection is giving you speeds of10-50Mbps, full fibre broad-er band from Structured Communications operates at up to a blistering 900Mbps. So buckle up, and equip your business to work faster, get more done and grow with access to the latest digital applications and ways of working.

So inexpensive it’s affordable

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how economical our full fibre is. In fact, it is up to 6X cheaper than similar-performing ethernet options, giving you far more MBs per £.

So reliable it’s boring

Full fibre is the UK’s most reliable broadband technology, reducing downtime and unplanned business interruptions. Our partner’s quality network, award-winning customer service and strong technical support plus our local knowledge and expertise ensures an experience customers rave about.

So close you can touch it

Full Fibre could be right at your doorstep and you could be live very soon.