Smart IT have built bespoke software solutions for a variety of industries, helping them to improve efficiency, accuracy and productivity for minimal outlay.

Our solutions have helped businesses to automate many of the manual processes in their business, often the increase in efficiency has helped a business to grow substantially without the need to recruit additional resources.

Smart IT developers have experience in working with a variety of technologies including PHP, ASP.NET and VB.NET, as well as supporting databases such as MS Access, SQL Server and MySQL.

The success of our projects is largely down to our tried and tested project lifecycle, this includes:

Initial Consultation

A development consultant will spend time with you to discuss your exact requirements, we believe careful and thorough consultation and planning ensures everyone knows what to expect.  This stage can have a big impact on whether a project will be successful or not.

On-going Communication

It’s important that we communicate with you throughout the project; requirements can change as the project develops and we both learn more about what is possible, and what is required.


We always thoroughly test our solutions and implement excellent error correction and bug reporting before installing onsite.  However, we also work closely with you to carry out testing onsite making sure the solution not only works without error, but as intended.

Maintenance and Support

The solutions we develop quickly become vitally important systems in our clients businesses, some of our clients have told us they simply couldn’t run their business without them.  We understand the importance of these systems and agree to support them with on-going maintenance, training and support, as well as future upgrades and additional installations.

Contact our team today to arrange a consultation to discuss your software requirements.